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At Treleaven Wines, we specialize in custom crush operations, working with our clients and their winemakers to crush, ferment, age and bottle their wines. From sourcing high-quality fruit to the finished bottled product, know that we are here for you every step of the way. With the highly skilled staff at Treleaven Wines and state-of-the-art equipment available, Treleaven offers services from the grape to the bottle and everything in-between.


Custom crush journey

Fruit Sourcing

We are happy to help you find the fruit you are looking for, be it from our own estate vineyard, or the many local Finger Lakes growers we work with. Based on your desired style, our expert team will help with determining what fruit as well as the appropriate pick time for your custom crush project.

Harvest Services

Harvest is the most exciting time for a winery. At our facility, we can weigh, crush, de-stem, and press up to five tons in a single press-load using our new central membrane press that works at lower pressures to extract only the most high-quality juice.


We are experts at fermentation management with jacketed tanks, daily brix and temperature measures, timely precise additions, regular cap management for reds, and much more. We can also provide an in-depth post fermentation chemistry analysis on request.


Barrels require a different approach than stainless tanks do with different fermentation kinetics and profound effects on both body and flavor profile of the ensuing wine. We work with you to ensure you have the right barrels for your goals, and to keep all barrels clean, topped, and properly stored.

Post Fermentation

Fermentation isn’t the whole story of a wine and we are ready to help with blending, trials, racking and filtration to get your wine ready to bottle.


With our own bottling line in-house, we can handle all standard bottles. From Bordeaux to hock-style bottles and wraparound labels to two-piece (i.e. front and back styles), your products will be bottled, packaged and palletized at our own facility ready for you to pick up.

"Producing the perfect package - from grape to glass."

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